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Joshua Patterson is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, IL. currently playing bass for SEMPLE, bass for Gina Gonzalez and the Wingmen, guitar for Sk8er Boyz, bass for Blame The Hero, and singing for Suit Up. He has also recorded and toured nationally as the guitarist of And After, bassist of Rough Night Out, and guitarist for Moon Money. Josh regularly fills in with various bands, teaches music lessons, is a DJ for Kidron Music and Weddings, an ordained minister, and a graphic designer.

Goodbye Valentine 

If you haven't heard the news, our longtime SEMPLE lead guitarist Valentine Bennett will be leaving the band to pursue other life goals. I am going to miss the Big V. It has been so much fun to play shows all around the country with one of the nicest and most talented bandmates I have ever worked with. We have a new guitarist that will be announced this month along with our awesome Summer 2023 schedule. I have a few acoustic gigs left before then. Check them out at the shows page. See you all soon!

SSSSSummer 2022 scheduled is jam packed with all my "S" bands 

I'm officially calling it SSSSSummer 2022 with the amount of "S" bands I will be performing with. Catch me on guitar, bass, ukulele, vocals, or a healthy mix of all in the bands SEMPLE, Suit Up!, Sk8er Boyz, Solo, and a just added date with Simply Sound. Check them all out at the shows page. We also just got our Summer 2022 SEMPLE Band merchandise in. It will be available for purchase at all upcoming SEMPLE Band shows. See you all soon!

20th anniversary performance of Box Car Racer 

Summer 2022 is around the corner and I can not wait! New shows are being added weekly. I'll be performing this Summer with SEMPLE Band, Cat Like Thief, Suit Up, Sk8er Boyz, and solo acoustic performances. The last public SEMPLE band show of May is next weekend at a new venue. Then Keith will be heading back out for another tour with The Cyberiam. The following week I am beyond excited to perform the entire Box Car Racer album on the actual 20th anniversary of its release! Check out Cat Like Thief performing Box Car Racer Saturday May 21st at 115 Bourbon Street. See you all soon!

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